Thursday, March 10, 2011


My very first birthday card. The angel was traced and then glued and then sprinkeld with red powder glitter. There is distressing on the edges.. Simple pink printed paper cut in squares to give the black a more vibrant colour...
P.S: I love the ANGEL.. I intend doing more of such cards


  1. Than you Khushboo for your visit and beautiful words. You described in such a perfect way what I feel for my cards.
    I like this card and the colors (pink and blue-great!). Maybe more details would emphasize its beauty :)

  2. This was actually a very simple card... I am very new to the world of paper crafts... Was more in clay work and gold painting which is very popular in India.. Now trying my hand in this craft.. Will keep it in mind in my next card..

    Thank you for the appreciation..!!

  3. Hello Khushboo, I love your work. Thankyou for following my blog. Now I am following your blog. :)