Thursday, March 10, 2011

With Love

A very simple quilled card... Had lots of strips lying waste in bits and pieces.. have used then together to come up with this card.. The with love sentiment is magic dots sprinkled with silver coloured fine glitter purchased from the local craft store. The card stock is standard A4 size paper folded into half...The border is done by cutting thin strips of craft paper.


  1. i like the lilac color ,
    the card looks pretty,
    i use thin strips of paper for borders .i think they are perfect for quilled cards.

  2. Thank you... Yes I agree.. Somehow quilled cards don't look complete until you have put thin strips of paper as border either straight or crimped... Just love the borders.. I usually try to make use of crafting paper I don't have further requirement for..

  3. Love the way you have made the borders.Gives a good framed effect to the card. The green shapes are awesome.
    Dr Sonia S V